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Further Reading

Suggested blogs are gathered on a public netvibes RSS reader. This list is for even more reading, online when possible, or in books.


Arts Marketing (general)

O’Reilly, Daragh & Finola Kerrigan, Marketing the ArtsA fresh approach (London: Routledge 2010). [This is an interesting and academic collection of observations and case studies that is not restricted only to marketing.] [Buy Marketing the Arts on]

Kotler N, P, and W., Museum Marketing & Strategy: Designing Missions, building audiences, generating revenue & resources (2nd ed, San Francisco: Wiley 2008). [The standard textbook on museum marketing – terribly boring.]

International Journal of Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Marketing, Special Issue: Contemporary Issues in Social, Arts, Museum and Nonprofit Marketing (February 2010).

MTM London report: Digital Audiences: Engagement with Arts and Culture online, November 2010.

Audience Building

Diversifying Audiences: resources from the Arts Engagement Exchange.


Marudas, Nicholas P. and Fred A. Jacobs, “Initial evidence on whether use of professional fundraising services increases fundraising effectiveness,” in International Journal of Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Marketing 15 (Feb. 2010): 3-12.

Tina Mermiri, Arts philanthropy: the facts, trends and potential (Arts & Business report, October 2010). [Summary of current fundraising situation in the UK.]

Interaction Design and technologies

Cover of "Digital Technologies and the Mu...

Cover via Amazon

Simon, Nina, The Participatory Museum 2010.

Loic Tallon and Kevin Walker, Digital Technologies and the museum experience: handheld guides and other media (AltaMira Press, 2008). [Edited volume with excellent articles]

2010 Horizon Report: Museum Edition. This specially-focused edition of the annual Horizon Report series considers technology use in museum settings. The report identifies and describes six emerging technologies that will likely have a significant impact on museum education and interpretation in the next one to five years.

Library studies

A password may be required to access some of these online resources through your academic institution.

Library Marketing Services – a subscription newsletter with one free article per issue.

Jia Mi, Frederick Nesta, (2006) “Marketing library services to the Net Generation“, Library Management, Vol. 27 Iss: 6/7, pp.411 – 422.

Z. David Xia, (2009) “Marketing library services through Facebook groups”, Library Management, Vol. 30 Iss: 6/7, pp.469 – 478. [case study: Facebook Groups at two major research universities in the USA, along with two global Groups, were analyzed for their activity and membership to examine their performance of effectively promoting library visibility. full PDF: Marketing_library_facebook2009]

Shontz et al, “What to Librarians think about marketing,” in Library Quarterly 74:1 (2004), pp. 63-84. [How resistance on the part of staff might hamper marketing.]

Museum and Market Research

Joshua P. Gutwill, “Gaining visitor consent for research: Testing the posted-sign method.” Curator 45(3): 232-238. [How do museums get permission to videotape visitors? How do visitors react to knowing they are on camera?]

Joyce Ma, “Evaluation at Rincon Park – Lessons Learned about Audience and the Evaluation Process” (Exploratorium 2005). [An interesting article about tests undertaken in a public space in which science-museum displays were placed.]

Social Media Marketing for the arts

See blogs such as Museum 2.0, MuseumNext etc. on sidebar and on our netvibes for most recent tech applications to museums and the arts.

Italian case study: Giulia Simi: Musei e Social Media – Una relazione piena di paure (GGD Bologna, 13/11/2010).

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