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April 14, 2012

I admit, I’ve been a bit out of the loop. I’ve actually been managing one museum’s social media, but not catching up much on research and certainly not blogging about this topic at all! Good thing I still read FucktoryMuseum and have its author, Simone, amongst my facebook contacts, because he tipped me off to a revolutionarily cool website that is super useful to those of us working in museum communications.

Museum Analytics is the winner in the Museum Professional category of Museums on the Web (announced yesterday) and you can see why… literally. Capturing information about museums on social media through APIs, it displays information in super clean graphics that are frankly very exciting.

If your museum is listed, or if you just want to follow the progress of any museum (if I understand correctly), the site will send you a free daily report that tracks your progress on the web. Imagine, all those hours we spend making reports, done for us, free!

I note a disappointing turn-out for Italian museums with only 34 museums listed (and some are actually galleries); of these, some have 0’s for data, and others are not on the list despite presence on social media. The Uffizi Gallery is listed, though its facebook page is an unofficial spam page; there is no official page for the Uffizi or for the Polo Museale Fiorentino, though they are on YouTube. There is currently no way to add your own museum to the list, but there’s an email address to reach them… so if you’ll excuse me, I have an email to write.

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