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Audiences: same content, different targets

January 25, 2011

Have you ever watched a movie trailer made for two different countries or languages? I think the arts industry can learn from this. You may target an exhibit or a concert or a dance performance for a certain audience, but you can divide up the way it is advertised to make it perfect for more than one cultural or age group.

The George Cloony film “Up in the Air” is the perfect example. I considered going to see it at the theatre so i looked up the trailer in English. This is what I found.

A film about loneliness with a bastard as a protagonist (and slow, depressing music). But check out the Italian version!

Isn’t the Cloony character so cute and bittersweet? A film about personal relations set to upbeat music! A romantic comedy? Which is it? I don’t know- I didn’t go see the movie (the US version made me too depressed).

The act of re-cutting is common in the film industry and can even be taken to amusing extremes, like taking The Shining and re-cutting it into a romantic comedy. For more re-cut fun see Trailercuts. In your opinion, how could this technique be applied to the arts?

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